Traveling Through Washington State

Biking and public transportation have become increasingly popular in recent years. Seattle, too, has gotten in on the act, increasing its options for local residents. Yet there are still times when you just need to take a drive. Not necessarily to get to work or the grocery store, but rather to travel around the state in order to enjoy the many scenic byways that Washington offers.

What's in Washington?

The Cascade Birding Loop

A great trip to start with on your journey through Washington is the Cascade Birding Loop. Washington state is renowned for its natural beauty, and that includes the many hundreds of species of birds that call this picturesque area home. You can get a glimpse of most of them on this scenic drive. Spanning over 380 miles, you can easily plot out different routes. Plus, the byway is located close to Seattle itself.

The Olympic Highway

Another scenic route not far from Seattle is the Olympic Highway. This 260+ mile course will show you everything the state has to offer. You start by heading north along the Puget Sound, taking in the Seattle area and its many waterways, before heading west along the Olympic Peninsula and arriving at the rocky shores of the Pacific. Tip: break the drive by stopping at a bed-and-breakfast along the way.

Observe All Traffic Laws

You'll want to avoid any undue stress on short or long trips through Washington. Remember to observe all local traffic laws. Remain attentive behind the wheel even when trying to take in the sights. A safe practice is to pull over so you can devote your full attention to what you're seeing. Many Seattle traffic lawyers tell us that out-of-state visitors tend to ignore Washington’s traffic laws and get caught up with a citation.

Enjoy Your Trip Through Washington State

Washington state offers plenty of scenic byways for you and your family to enjoy. Some span hundreds of miles, while others can be traversed in a single afternoon. Remember to take your camera along to record the beautiful vistas that you come across. Above all, however, remember to drive responsibly so you can arrive home safely to share the stories of your travels with your friends and family.